Dog Days of Summer

Hey, readers! I know it’s been a hot minute since I last posted anything. Good news, I’m here today to rectify that! “So, what’s new?” “Not much, and you?” “About the same. Glad we had this talk.” Yeah, it’s been like that since we’ve been cooped up in the house for the past 1,728 hours, plus or minus a few minutes. In the meantime, my day job took an extended leave of absence, and we had to cancel a vacation. And to be honest, I’m … Read more

Creating Your Very Own Shit List

I think I’ve finally found the magic to writing. Organization! That’s right. I seem to work so much better when I have a schedule – a list – a tangible target. A few months back, I created the Shit List. I was online, looking for a daily to-do list that I could print out and keep in plain sight of my desk. I found a few that “sort of” fit the bill, but none were perfect. So, I decided to create my own. I found … Read more

Disgruntled Over craigslist ad

I’ve been in the field of architecture for many many years. I have owned my own firm, and I have worked as an employee.  There are vast differences in each respect.  As an employee, the employer pays you a wage, and then compensates you with benefits and takes care of paying taxes. Naturally, your hourly rate is adjusted downward because of those extras that the employer does.  If you work contract, the worker is responsible for all of those, and then some.  Suppose the contract … Read more

Revit Rendering

However much I would love to fill my days with writing fiction or any other of the 100+ hobbies I have, I do work.  My latest project has been one that does not come by very often.  It is a 11,000+ s.f. single family home.  I know, a little small, huh? Anyway, I started the project back around the middle of December and have been mixing my days on this project as well as a few other non-Revit projects.  I SO much prefer this project … Read more

Drafting Table Revisited

Now that’s it’s been almost a month since my infatuation with the spendy drafting table from Pottery Barn, I have news! Being the creative wood worker type, I designed a table to ‘mimic’ the one from my last entry.  I was able to find a surplus of hardwood lumber (African Mahogany) on craigslist for a steal and had a fabricator in line to make the two half round table supports.  Then I found my new table. Yes, I bought a table instead of making my … Read more

Tough Decision

Well, It’s been about a week since I so firmly boasted that I would be writing in NaNoWriMo again this year.  I made it just a few days before I pooped out.  I know.  I suck. It’s honestly ok.  I am ok with it.  I am just starting a new job, and i really need to focus on that.  I found myself disregarding work thoughts in lieu for writing/story thoughts.  Unfortunately, I NEED to focus on work right now.  If I had started the new job a … Read more

Down another path in life

Isn’t it funny how when you think you have everything almost figured out, something comes along and pushes you into a new direction?  Well, that is sort of what happened to me this week. For the last several months, I have been working on my Design By Kohler website (which I am almost done – I know, I keep saying that) and have had the long term plan of giving self employment another go.  Probably in the LONG-LONG term, that is still there, but on … Read more

Getting back in the saddle

Yes, it has been a long time…  I have spent a ton of hours over the weekend, trying to get back into the mindset of blogging.  I used to have a ton of ideas floating around my head, enough for dozens of entries at any given time.  I just had to reach in and grab one to post.  Now, I still have those dozens (if not more) ideas floating around, but my internal editor dismisses them as garbage even before I can start to get … Read more