New Year, New Decade

Here we are, venturing into the next decade, and I, for one, am quite ready. Happy New Year to you and yours. As you may recall, my writing life got tossed upside down when my family and I moved from Colorado to Arizona in mid-2018. Well, we’ve made another move mid-year of 2019, and so, my writing had continued to be put on hold. When we first moved to AZ, we rented a house in a part of the Phoenix metro area that we thought … Read more

Happy New Year!

Hey, everyone. Do you know who I am? It’s me, Paul. I know it’s been a while. Been busy and all. But I’m here to turn a new leaf! Actually, I’ve been quite busy. Life. It happens. Anyway, since my last post all those years ago (it really does feel like it’s been years) I’ve finished my zombie trilogy. Unfortunately, I’ve not done much more than that on the novel front. I’ve tapped out a handful of short stories for various anthologies, but no long … Read more

New mission, if you choose to accept

Today, October 15th, I vow to write every day in my blog.  What I write may not be of any importance, but I will be going through the motions, and forming a habit.  The content will vary from work related mumblings, to aspirations of my writing projects.  They may also encompass the varied post about the family or, dare I say it, politics.  Most likely not politics, but why knows which way the wind might blow.  The whole purpose of this is to continue to … Read more

Down another path in life

Isn’t it funny how when you think you have everything almost figured out, something comes along and pushes you into a new direction?  Well, that is sort of what happened to me this week. For the last several months, I have been working on my Design By Kohler website (which I am almost done – I know, I keep saying that) and have had the long term plan of giving self employment another go.  Probably in the LONG-LONG term, that is still there, but on … Read more

How to survive a boring day

I wish I had the profound answer to that questions, but unfortunately, I do not.  I suppose being on this site (or on the internet) in it’s self is a partial cure.  I know the internet is a bit of a remedy for my occasional boredom. I have been wanting to recapture the creative spirit in blogging that I once had many years ago, and I seem to continually over-think every single idea that comes to mind.  I think about writing a movie review, and as I run … Read more

Oh, Paul. Where have you been?

OK, I really do not think anyone would be asking me that around here.  I do not get that many readers here.  At least I don’t think I do… So, where have I been?  Working the 9 to 5, that’s where.  Well, it’s not exactly the “9 to 5”, but more like the 6:30 to 4:00 with a half hour lunch.  You may notice (or not if you are mathematically challenged) that my work hours are 9 hours a day.  I have worked 9 hours a day … Read more

Current status

I have not forgot about you so soon, although it might look that way.  I have still been updating the POTD entries, but as for writing content, I have been focusing on my fitness blog. One day last week, I blogged about platforms and blog content, and realized that I might be better off with a few specific blogs after all, and not include everything into one “department store” variety blogs.  So, I worked the last few days of last week creating a Fitness blog and … Read more

What is in a Platform?

From years past, I have struggled to get regular readers on my blog.  I think that is partly why I let it expire in 2005.  Nobody cared.  I certainly did, but that wasn’t enough to keep things going.  This time, I want to make things different.  I want to grow my blog, and to do so, I need subscribers or regular readers. Google to the rescue!  I did a search and found a number of blog posts on building readership and subscribers, and  a number … Read more

Getting back in the saddle

Yes, it has been a long time…  I have spent a ton of hours over the weekend, trying to get back into the mindset of blogging.  I used to have a ton of ideas floating around my head, enough for dozens of entries at any given time.  I just had to reach in and grab one to post.  Now, I still have those dozens (if not more) ideas floating around, but my internal editor dismisses them as garbage even before I can start to get … Read more

I’m back!

It has been a number of years (about 7 to be semi-precise) since I have had my blog up.  The original blog was called, without the dash, but somewhere along the way, I decided to let it expire and by the time I realized that I ought to get it renewed, for posterity’s sake if nothing more, the domain was picked up by some Japanese company selling prepaid phone cards or something.  I had no idea my name sake was so closely related to that business … Read more