Getting back in the saddle

Yes, it has been a long time…  I have spent a ton of hours over the weekend, trying to get back into the mindset of blogging.  I used to have a ton of ideas floating around my head, enough for dozens of entries at any given time.  I just had to reach in and grab one to post.  Now, I still have those dozens (if not more) ideas floating around, but my internal editor dismisses them as garbage even before I can start to get them on the screen.  Damn my mind!

I did, however, log just about all my books into Goodreads.  I still have all the paper backs that reside on the top shelf of my bookcase, and because they are WAY up there, I will come back to them at another time.  Probably save that for a cleaning day, as there is most certainly a ton of dust up there too.  As it sits right now, I have a bit more than 600 books logged in that I own.  I am sure the paperback shelf has another 100 or so, and half of those are Cheryls.  And being a mildly obsessive/compulsive, I also tossed them into a number of bookshelves as I scanned them in.

On other thoughts, I have really been contemplating getting back into writing.  I have not written in many many months, and I feel I truly have stories to tell.  Plus, I have been reading a bit and some of the books I have read have been true garbage.  If THEY can get published with that drivel, I certainly can with a whole lot better stories.  The only thing holding me back is my mind.  Every time I start to think about writing, my mind says “You should have a job first!”  Being unemployed sucks!  Even though I actively look for work in my field, the market and economy still sucks.   So, in turn, I dismiss the writing dream, and focus on earning a living.

On that front – work, that is – I believe I am going to open up my own shop again.  I have seriously sent my resume off hundreds of times.  I have even began sending it into the same firms for the second time.  There are just so many unemployed architects out there, that my resume gets lost in the mess.  I know I have superior skills and work ethics, but just getting into the interview to express them is the biggest hurdle.  I can count on one hand, the number of interviews I have had since being unemployed.  I know the work is starting to return, as i still talk with other architects, and I know I can cut into some of that work.  I just need to really start marketing myself.

Now, if I can just balance looking for work ALONG with a bit of writing, I wont feel so horribly bad when I sit down to write something.  I just need to convince myself that my writing may in fact be worth something to a publisher and it could in fact be what brings home the bacon in the household…

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