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three of paul kohler's publications including and anthology of short stories, linear shift, and the borrow souls

Paul Kohler's newest publication, titled jacked. paperback copy

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She can’t remember her today, but her yesterday will never be forgotten.

When recovering addict Ava Blake awakens with more than just a mild case of amnesia, she’s unsure if the procedure performed on her was against her will, or—even worse—her own idea.

They say that with time, her memories will return. But, will they be her own or will they be something completely unexpected?

If you love a story filled with near-future action, get this exciting Sci-Fi thriller today.








What Readers Are Saying

The Evil in Devil’s Creek:

This is the kind of short story that will you left wanting for more, not because it doesn’t feel complete, but because you want to spend more time in that world.

Detailed, atmospheric and truly unsettling, this story delivers a chilling punch. Recommended.


A story well worth reading. It’s a great short that reminds you that everything that has happened to you, bad or good, has shaped who you are. Very thought-provoking. 

The Borrowed Souls:

As an avid reader I was beginning to think I’d read every storyline, this book proved me wrong. A novel tale that held my interest from the start through to the end, and I loved it. Off to find more by Mr. Kohler.

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