Traveling Books


Starting August 1st, 2021, I began a fun experiment where I released a limited number of books with the expectation/anticipation to follow them around the world. Hence, “Traveling Book Edition”!

The purpose of this little experiment is two-fold:

  • First, I want to share the love of reading with the world. I want to share my love of writing with the readers of the world. What better way than to give my books away for free?
  • Second, I wanted to see how far around the globe these books can actually make it. I wanted to see how “agreeing” readers are to help out. What better way than to give books away for free? Right?

As progress is made with each of the 25 books, I’ll continue to update the progress, both here as well as on my dedicated FaceBook page, titled The Traveling Books of Author, Paul B Kohler. Be sure to jump over there as well and give the page a  “like” if you want to follow along with the journey.

And, if all goes well with this first phase, I plan on really ramping things up with round two! I mean in a really big way. I’ll still be giving books away, but there will be lots of other “awards” along the way. Don’t tell anyone, but I think a new Kindle, possibly a substantial Amazon gift card, and possibly being featured in one of my next novels, just to throw some things out there. But, like I said, that’s for round two. Let’s make phase one a great success and sometime around the first of the year, we’ll jump into Phase Two!