Tough Decision

Well, It’s been about a week since I so firmly boasted that I would be writing in NaNoWriMo again this year.  I made it just a few days before I pooped out.  I know.  I suck.

It’s honestly ok.  I am ok with it.  I am just starting a new job, and i really need to focus on that.  I found myself disregarding work thoughts in lieu for writing/story thoughts.  Unfortunately, I NEED to focus on work right now.  If I had started the new job a month ago, and not on October 29th, I certainly could do both.  But as I am so new to this office, I do not want to let them down.  And lord knows I NEED to focus on writing/story if I want to actually write 50,000 words in 30 days.  I may still in-fact continue writing on my story throughout the month, but I will know set an unobtainable goal just the same.

I am going to finally get rolling with my UrbanCastle blog though.  I had full intentions of getting it started on September 1st, and then again on October 1st and November 1st.  I have a lot of the leg work done, and I just need to focus through on a few “hour” sessions getting content out.  I know, you ask how can I go ahead and write in a blog, and skip out on NaNo.  It’s because the blog is written in 350 to 500 word chunks, and they do not necessarily need to be contiguous.  A novel sort of has to flow, an I need to really keep all those sub-plots in order.  My blog will work itself out without a whole lot of lost work time.  So there!

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