Drafting Table Revisited

Now that’s it’s been almost a month since my infatuation with the spendy drafting table from Pottery Barn, I have news! Being the creative wood worker type, I designed a table to ‘mimic’ the one from my last entry.  I was able to find a surplus of hardwood lumber (African Mahogany) on craigslist for a steal and had a fabricator in line to make the two half round table supports.  Then I found my new table. Yes, I bought a table instead of making my … Read more

Handcrafted Butcherblock / Cutting Board

A few weeks ago, I get an email request for a larger cutting board for a Christmas gift.  Having not really produced anything from the shop in almost a year, I was hesitant to take the job.  In the end, I did it, and I am happy I did.  They were elated with the end result, as was I.  I say ‘as was I’ because while I built the one custom order, I made one for myself.  To tell the truth, I had been wanting … Read more