Down another path in life

Isn’t it funny how when you think you have everything almost figured out, something comes along and pushes you into a new direction?  Well, that is sort of what happened to me this week.

For the last several months, I have been working on my Design By Kohler website (which I am almost done – I know, I keep saying that) and have had the long term plan of giving self employment another go.  Probably in the LONG-LONG term, that is still there, but on Thursday, I accepted a position with another local architect.  I start the week of the 29th, and it cannot get here soon enough!

I am only anxious to start the new job because I want off the current one sooner.  Honestly, the current job is OK.  It is an EASY job for the money, and there is relatively zero responsibility.  It’s just not challenging enough for me.  No design.  No creativity.  Zip – Zilch – Nada.  And there is no running water on site, and with winter coming on, taking a poo in the port-o-potty is something I was NOT looking forward to.

So, the new job is back in architecture.  Back to the stress, which I have grown to love.  Back to being creative.  Back to a flushing toilet in a heated room!  And it’s not like I have to learn a new office environment.  I have done work with these folks for many years while running DBK.  I know both of the gentlemen there fairly well, and it will be an easy transition.  I am not sure what the future there will bring, but I am going into this with an open mind for what I hope to be a bright future.

As for my up and coming blog,, I still plan on running that out.  I have a lot of material worked through and have most of the graphics done.  I want to make sure I have at least 2 to 3 months worth of posts ready to go before I pull the trigger.  That way, if I get bogged down with my day job for an extended period of time, I can continue to post new material on the blog on a relatively regular basis.  I hope to build that blog up to around 50,000 subscribers, and I cannot do that if I post once or twice a month, if I remember that often.

Finally, I have a TON of photos I want to get posted, but they will have to wait just a bit longer to make their debut.  I promise to have new material posted here soon as well.

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