Drafting Table Revisited

Now that’s it’s been almost a month since my infatuation with the spendy drafting table from Pottery Barn, I have news!

Being the creative wood worker type, I designed a table to ‘mimic’ the one from my last entry.  I was able to find a surplus of hardwood lumber (African Mahogany) on craigslist for a steal and had a fabricator in line to make the two half round table supports.  Then I found my new table.

Yes, I bought a table instead of making my own.  Sure, I had the wood bought for $25 bucks.  Sure, I had the fabrication inline for $27 bucks.  Sure, I wanted to make it myself.  BUT…  I had no time.  Plus, it’s freakin’ cold outside now, and I would most certainly have to wait until April to get it built.  I still have a stack of Mahogany that will surely be put to other uses, and I learned a lot about the variable quotes for steel fabrication.  The low, which was from a local steel supplier at $13.00 for each side. to a high of $275 complete!  And honestly, I am a bit disappointed with all the self employed guys responding to my post.  Every one of them wanted to basically rape me in price.  Once I called the supplier, at the recommendation of one very nice responder, I quickly realized that their are a bunch of crooks out there.

When all was said and done, the Table I bought was from World Market.  It was listed at $279 regular price.  Even at regular price, it was way less than half of the Pottery Barn table.  Then, the day after Christmas, all their furniture went on sale.  It dropped down to $224!  Then, add the fact that I am an Explorer member at WM, and they JUST so happen to send me a one day only coupon for an additional 15% off my purchase, I ended up getting the table home for less than $200!  Now, it looks awesome, and sure, it’s not made by me, but I have it now, and it was WAY less than it would have cost to buy it elsewhere, or worth my time to build it.

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