Revit Rendering

However much I would love to fill my days with writing fiction or any other of the 100+ hobbies I have, I do work.  My latest project has been one that does not come by very often.  It is a 11,000+ s.f. single family home.  I know, a little small, huh?

Anyway, I started the project back around the middle of December and have been mixing my days on this project as well as a few other non-Revit projects.  I SO much prefer this project because of Revit alone.  Not to mention the enormous size.  As a comparison for size, My entire 3 floors would fit in the same space as their 2nd floor, their smallest floor…


So, this is it.  I have another 3 weeks packed to finish this puppy up.  It will certainly be close, but I think I can do it.

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