Paul B Kohler is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Linear Shift, the remarkable novel series, The Borrowed Souls, and the fast-action novel The Hunted Assassin. Aside from his longer works, a number of his short stories have been included in various anthologies. His Sci-Fi short, Rememorations, has been included in The Immortality Chronicles – a Top 5 SF Anthology and Hot New Releases. Rememorations was also nominated for Best American Science Fiction for 2016.

His current project is a brand new trilogy, set in an unassuming future wasteland. Book one, titled: Turn, will debut in the second quarter of 2017, with the subsequent books following up every sixty days or so. Book two will be titled: Detour, and book three: Reversion. The trilogy title is: Humanities Edge. hatch for it.

Then, in late 2017, Paul plans on returning to the life of Peter Cooper, where he has two follow novels planned.