paul b kohler, stephen king, science fiction author, horror author, fantasy author, writerPaul B Kohler is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Linear Shift, the remarkable novel series, The Borrowed Souls, and the fast-action novel The Hunted Assassin. He recently completed and published his non-stop zombie action trilogy, titled Humanity’s Edge. Aside from his longer works, a number of his short stories have been included in various anthologies. His Sci-Fi short, Rememorations, has been included in The Immortality Chronicles – a Top 5 SF Anthology and Hot New Releases. Rememorations was also nominated for Best American Science Fiction for 2016.

His current project is the novelization of his short story, titled Perplexia. Once complete, the novel will be titled The Crystal Medallion and is slated to publish in the coming months.

Then, later in 2019, Paul plans on returning to the life of Peter Cooper (Linear Shift), where he has two follow novels planned.

It should also be noted that Paul does not care much for referring to himself in the third person.

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