New mission, if you choose to accept

Today, October 15th, I vow to write every day in my blog.  What I write may not be of any importance, but I will be going through the motions, and forming a habit.  The content will vary from work related mumblings, to aspirations of my writing projects.  They may also encompass the varied post about the family or, dare I say it, politics.  Most likely not politics, but why knows which way the wind might blow.  The whole purpose of this is to continue to write and to improve at it while the habit is formed.

As for the daily writing, I should also have certain targets to aim for.  Word count being one of them.  I should be shooting for somewhere around 300 to 500 words per entry.  The POTD posts I have done will not count for this exercise, as there are no words, but just a pretty picture.  No, to qualify, there has to be solid content for the word count.  See, as of right now, I am at 172 words.  More than half way to the 300 end of the limit.

Onto something with substance, I am going to give NaNoWriMo a go again this year.  This time, I hope to have something worth a crap in the end.  Or at the very least, something that can be saved from the 86 file in December.  I have a number of ideas that I might go with, or I might have a brainstorming session next week while I am between jobs.  Brainstorming something new sounds intriguing, so I might be leaning a bit in that direction.  First though, I will need to choose a genre.  Do I want to go sci-fi, or action/suspense?  I certainly do not think I can go with the romance angle, but I am sure I can include a bit if romance in the other genres.  Literary fiction is also a possibility, but who knows.  That is what the brainstorming session will take care off.  I might even hang a few large sheets of paper on the walls in the basement and go at it with a marker and jot down a number of things.  Going through the brainstorming with an additional person would certainly speed things up, but it has to be the right person.  I am not looking for a “yes man” to simply agree with everything I write on the board.  Someone that is involved would be great.  I wonder if there is something there for an inquiry for assistants?

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