Oh, Paul. Where have you been?

OK, I really do not think anyone would be asking me that around here.  I do not get that many readers here.  At least I don’t think I do…

So, where have I been?  Working the 9 to 5, that’s where.  Well, it’s not exactly the “9 to 5”, but more like the 6:30 to 4:00 with a half hour lunch.  You may notice (or not if you are mathematically challenged) that my work hours are 9 hours a day.  I have worked 9 hours a day in the past, but I would leave after 4 on Friday.  I actually liked that schedule as I would put in the 40 hours required and still have time to get some errands ran while there was still business hours open elsewhere.  This current job however is not so forgiving.  It’s actually the opposite.  They want you to work 45 hours minimum, and sometimes on the weekend.  All that for the bonus pay of Zippo…  Ziltch…  Nada…  Honestly though, I am happy to be employed, but just not real thrilled with the way the current employer does things.  Something better is certainly on the horizon.  I just need to find that horizon…

I have also been working on a new blog of sorts.  No entries are posted yet, as I am still working out the details of what the platform and layout, but it should be huge!  I mean STELLAR!  OK, I am hoping it will be good.  With all my years in architecture and remodeling, I feel I have a ton of knowledge built up.  And I know that sharing this knowledge would be beneficial to a lot of people.   So, I am going to start a Home Improvement Blog. My only problem is, is that I know there are a number of other home improvement blogs out there, and how will I stand out from the crowd?  Hopefully with my sharp wit and creativity, that’s how.  I am nervous though, that I will come off sounding dry or boring with my posts.  I will certainly have to work on keeping it alive with excitement!

More posts to come later, I am sure.  I have a TON of photo’s I would like to post, and a number of new recipes that are pretty freakin’ awesome.  Add to that, general ‘life crap’ and I should be posting every hour, on the hour.  But for now, I am out!

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