Happy New Year!

Hey, everyone. Do you know who I am?

It’s me, Paul.

I know it’s been a while. Been busy and all. But I’m here to turn a new leaf!

Actually, I’ve been quite busy.


It happens.

Anyway, since my last post all those years ago (it really does feel like it’s been years) I’ve finished my zombie trilogy. Unfortunately, I’ve not done much more than that on the novel front. I’ve tapped out a handful of short stories for various anthologies, but no long work to speak of. But I plan to fix that!

Part of what pulled me away was life itself. I know I use that excuse frequently, but it’s true. Life; it doesn’t stop for anyone. It continues on its own path regardless of our own existence. Before I get too philosophical, here’s the skinny: life’s path has taken me from my hometown of Littleton, Colorado and dropped me in the middle of the desert. In New River, Arizona to be precise. Granted, my wife and I have talked about making a move like this for many years now, and the time just felt right. Total time from the moment of decision to the actual move itself was a little more than two months. Crazy, right?

But to stay on point, I’m finally back! I’ve settled into my new writing environment and plan on knocking out words by the bucketful. Well, not literally, but I plan on really hammering out some stories. I also plan on keeping the blog here a little more up to date. In fact, I plan on posting at least two to four times a week. I’m also planning on sharing a weekly short story for all to enjoy … for free. To date, I’ve got more than twenty short’s to share, and I’ll be writing a whole lot more along the way.

Beyond all that, I’ll be sharing more about my current work-in-progress (WIP). Until now, I’ve not really shared too much of my writing projects until they were complete. I feel like sharing my journey with you as I go through the motions. I’m not planning on sharing all the words, but if the occasional chapter that stands out, or possibly a character study along the way has interest, I’ll post it. For that matter, I’m planning on sharing a bit of my writing process as well. What makes my stories tick … what makes me have sleepless nights. All the good stuff. I want to share all the things. I guess you could say that it’s like a New Year’s resolution! Possibly.

Well, if all that sounds good, sit back and wait for the magic to happen! I’m still dialing in some scheduling issues, but within the next few weeks, things will really begin to take off. To tell the truth, I’m leaving for vacation in two days, and I simply don’t have the time to write a bunch of blog posts to automatically publish while I’m away (which was something that I really wanted to have done, but life…) so you’ll all have to wait until I return. Until then, feel free to go check out my Amazon page. It has most of my published work, minus a handful of books that I pulled down to remove a bit of redundancy. But be ready … The first FREE short story will be uploaded before you know it!

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