I’m back!

It has been a number of years (about 7 to be semi-precise) since I have had my blog up.  The original blog was called paulkohler.net, without the dash, but somewhere along the way, I decided to let it expire and by the time I realized that I ought to get it renewed, for posterity’s sake if nothing more, the domain was picked up by some Japanese company selling prepaid phone cards or something.  I had no idea my name sake was so closely related to that business in Japan.  Seriously, who knew?

Anyway, I am back to blogging, albeit with a dash in my name.  Honestly though, I have a number of other “themed” blogs going, but I cannot seem to keep all of them up to date.  I have tried to, but i just seem overwhelmed at the work.  I know, I am unemployed, and I “should” have all the time in the world to keep them serviced, but there is always something else that sidetracks my mind.  Then, just the other day, I got one of those wild-hair-up-the-ass ideas and decided to try and consolidate things a bit.  So here we are.  It’s June 1st, and I am writing my inagural post on the new and improved Paul-Kohler.net!

Some of the things I will blog about are my thoughts on everything from the economy (grrr), politics (not so often, but it is so closely related to the economy), my writing (oh how I wish to be a writer), anything relating to the family (pics of kiddo, remodeling the house, vacation journal, yadda yadda) or fitness (hiking and working out).  I am sure there will be the random post about how tasty my peanut butter sandwich was next Tuesday, but who knows what this will bring.

As for the style and layout, I will most likely switch things up very frequently at first.  That is part of my problem with all my other blogs – I am never happy with any one of the themes on them, and i found myself not really posting anything, because I would get preoccupied with the look.  At least I can have that problem with just the one blog, and should be able to focus more on content.  It’s a theory at least…

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