Current status

I have not forgot about you so soon, although it might look that way.  I have still been updating the POTD entries, but as for writing content, I have been focusing on my fitness blog. One day last week, I blogged about platforms and blog content, and realized that I might be better off with a few specific blogs after all, and not include everything into one “department store” variety blogs.  So, I worked the last few days of last week creating a Fitness blog and … Read more

What is in a Platform?

From years past, I have struggled to get regular readers on my blog.  I think that is partly why I let it expire in 2005.  Nobody cared.  I certainly did, but that wasn’t enough to keep things going.  This time, I want to make things different.  I want to grow my blog, and to do so, I need subscribers or regular readers. Google to the rescue!  I did a search and found a number of blog posts on building readership and subscribers, and  a number … Read more

Bang Bang Shrimp

If you have ever been to Bonefish Grill and tried their Bang Bang Shrimp, you will agree – They are the best appetizer in the world.  Ok, maybe not the world, but they are certainly the best in my town.  I am not the biggest fan of shrimp but I still love them.  But, at the local price of almost $10 bucks per appetizer, we rarely go there too eat.  Wednesdays is another story, as they have Bang Bang Wednesday, and the dish is only … Read more