Flash Fiction for The One Minute Writer

This is my first ‘flash fiction’ ever!  It is for Friday’s writing prompt: Imagine there was another “gold rush” in America. What would it be like? Place yourself as an outsider watching from afar, on The One Minute Writer.   The man across the table was a codger with greying hair and side burns to match. His stern look said everything that it should about the time and life of his ancestors. He sat resolutely, as if waiting for purpose of life to be revealed presently. … Read more

The One Minute Writer

So, I was surfing the internet (is ‘surfing the net’ still a term being used?) today, when I come along a website for writing prompts.  It’s called The One Minute Writer, and each day there are new writing prompts posted, and there is a handy little timer on the site to track you writing time.  I gave today’s prompt a go, and I will certainly go back and add more time to the prompt, as one minute is just getting me warmed up! What are some … Read more

Back to a Writing Goal

Over the years, I have had a great desire to write fiction.  I have started (and stopped) far too many stories to count, but never seem to follow through with them.  It’s not like I think they are garbage, well maybe some of them are garbage, but it’s just the want to write them to an end is never there.  I have decided it is time to stop with that and get something done! To start things off right, I have signed up for an … Read more

Tough Decision

Well, It’s been about a week since I so firmly boasted that I would be writing in NaNoWriMo again this year.  I made it just a few days before I pooped out.  I know.  I suck. It’s honestly ok.  I am ok with it.  I am just starting a new job, and i really need to focus on that.  I found myself disregarding work thoughts in lieu for writing/story thoughts.  Unfortunately, I NEED to focus on work right now.  If I had started the new job a … Read more

What to write…

Here it is, November 4th, and I have yet to start my NaNoWriMo project yet.  Part of me wants to skip this year, but I have been participating since 2002, and I feel that this being my 10th year of trying this wacky writing thing, I should give it my best effort.  The thing is, I have a new job that I started last week, and I have a handful of “honey-do” items to get done before the in-laws come for Christmas. As for he … Read more

New mission, if you choose to accept

Today, October 15th, I vow to write every day in my blog.  What I write may not be of any importance, but I will be going through the motions, and forming a habit.  The content will vary from work related mumblings, to aspirations of my writing projects.  They may also encompass the varied post about the family or, dare I say it, politics.  Most likely not politics, but why knows which way the wind might blow.  The whole purpose of this is to continue to … Read more

How to survive a boring day

I wish I had the profound answer to that questions, but unfortunately, I do not.  I suppose being on this site (or on the internet) in it’s self is a partial cure.  I know the internet is a bit of a remedy for my occasional boredom. I have been wanting to recapture the creative spirit in blogging that I once had many years ago, and I seem to continually over-think every single idea that comes to mind.  I think about writing a movie review, and as I run … Read more

Writing Endeavors

I have been away for a bit for a reason.  It’s called vacation!  The family and I went down to Mexico, Puerto Penasco (a.k.a. Rocky Point) to be exact.  We left DIA on Wednesday, the 13th, for Phoenix.  We over-nighted at the In-Laws house before driving the 4 hours down to their condo on Thursday.  We stayed there until Monday, when we drove back to the oven, otherwise known as Phoenix.  We flew back to DIA on Tuesday.  It was a nice little break from … Read more

Getting back in the saddle

Yes, it has been a long time…  I have spent a ton of hours over the weekend, trying to get back into the mindset of blogging.  I used to have a ton of ideas floating around my head, enough for dozens of entries at any given time.  I just had to reach in and grab one to post.  Now, I still have those dozens (if not more) ideas floating around, but my internal editor dismisses them as garbage even before I can start to get … Read more