Winners and other ramblings

First off, Congratulations to the winners of my book giveaway! The winners are:

As soon as I get mailing addresses from everyone, I will sign the books and drop them in the mail. I will try and be expeditious in this, but will most likely limit the trips to the post office to two or three. Once I get a handful of addresses, I’ll ship the first batch out.

On other news, I have been slowly writing through Part 2. I say slowly, because I have been busy with all sorts of things other than the book. I have a free weekend coming up, and I hope to get a ton of writing done by Monday. Here’s to hoping at least. I am still relatively on target for mid November publication.

Today, I sent out my first query letter. It was to Kristin Nelson at the Nelson Literary Agency. I was really on the fence about doing so, but I thought what the heck! If anything, it will tell me if there is a stronger desire for my overall story proforma. I have to admit though, I am nervous about sending that email out. What if they think I am total garbage? I think that is my biggest fear of all, concerning my writing.

Enough time wastin’! Off to get some writing done! Oh, OK. Back to work for a few more hours, then it’s off to Writing!

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