Linear Shift, Part 1 is live! I’m Published!

linear-shift-signature-finalIt’s official! I am a published author! I was able to hustle on the editing phase of the project and was able to publish the Kindle version on the 18th, and the CreatSpace version on the 20th. I would have never imagined I would actually come through ahead of schedule like this. My initial target date was today, which I randomly selected back in July. As the weeks flew by, and I was not moving along at the speed that I wish I was, I moved my target date to October 1st. Thanks to Kyle and David for some quick turnarounds on their editing, I was able to shave 12 days off that revised date, and beat my initial goal! This just goes to show that a person can accomplish just about anything they set their mind to.

As for Part 1, I have sold somewhere around 10 copies on the Kindle, which includes one to a person in Germany!  I have also sold 1 print copy!  Woot!

Now that Part 1 is up and selling, I am starting to look towards the next project. I initially thought that I would write a Kindle Worlds story in The Silo World next, but I think I am going to roll through the remaining parts of Linear Shift 1st. Once they are done, then I’ll write the Silo story. I think it will be a good one, and I do want to get it laid out before the image fades on how I want it all to go.

So, based on that, Linear Shift, Part 2 planning is in full effect! Looking ahead at schedule, I am going to set my publishing goal right now, and see how close I can come to it. I set my goal for Part 1 way out in advance, but in reality, I didn’t even have a story selected to roll with when I set that date. Also, I had never done anything like this before when I picked my publishing date. A lot needed to be learned along the way, and of which I have. I have learned a ton! I think that with the last few months under my belt, I am by no means a seasoned professional, I know what I did wrong and what I did right. I also know what I can do to speed things up on certain parts. With all that said, I am going to set my publication date for Part 2 for November 16th. That is 8 weeks from today. I think I lose the first week, as I am dealing with the loss of my mother, but I think I can at least do some outlining and planning in the evenings. I’ll start writing in earnest on September 29th.

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