15 Days to Launch

linear-shift-signature-finalLatest book status is the manuscript is out of my hands. David, my editor is working on it over the next few days, and with any luck, I’ll get it back from him on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am not sure what to expect from him, and I am a bit nervous. I sent him the file on Friday without the prologue. I did that so if he had the opening early, he could roll on the main part of the book until I finished up with the very beginning.

Speaking of the prologue, I have struggled mightily with it over the last 3 weeks. I ‘knew’ what I wanted to say, but my mind could not come up with how I wanted to say it. I tried every day to start the scene and within 20 minutes of starting a line, and then staring at it clueless, I almost cut it out completely. That was until yesterday. I got up early, around 5:30 and trotted down to my study. I started out with a line I had been chewing on all night and then the floods finally let loose. I got it wrapped by breakfast and had one of my best friends have a go at revising it. After his magical word engineering, I attached it to the full manuscript and shot it off to David.

Now I wait. Patiently. It’s hard.

On another note, my Kickstarter is about to fund! I have another entry coming up shortly thanking everyone that pledged. As soon as it funds, I am off to buy ISBN’s and start on the back end of the process. With any luck, all the back end and all the front end work will culminate on Friday when I can possible upload the files for print and ebook. Could I actually get an early release? God, that would be awesome if I could actually publish on my birthday!

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