Dared To Hope

I am just shy of a month into my career as a novelist, and I am full of emotions. I’m like the proverbial commonwealth character. Half happy, half sad.

I am happy to have past this huge milestone in life. I’m Freakin’ published! Granted, it is self published, but I know that my stuff is WAY better than a lot of garbage out there that is self published. I have read many stories where they writer didn’t own the spell-check function or have any idea what the second draft is. I am proud of what I put out, but not just because it was MY story, but because it has been honed and polished by multiple sets of eyes. And don’t get me started on book covers. There are some UGLY covers out there, and there are some professional ones equally. I am proud to say that my cover fits into the later arena.

For the sad part – I am not as much sad as I am disappointed. Having never published anything before, I am relatively a no-name wanker trying to sell my story. Nobody knows just who Paul B Kohler is. Having said that, I am still disappointed at not selling more copies. In 23 days, I have sold a whopping 38 ebooks and 3 print books. I was really thinking that at my ebook price point of .99 cents, I would have at least 75 by now. That would put me on pace for around 100 books per month. And to be completely honest, I want WAY MORE than that! Again, I know I have only one book out, and it is from a no-name wanker. I guess I am just inpatient. Just a little.

Then I read a story like this. Hugh Howey seems to bring me back to earth at the same time as causing me great pain and jealousy. That guy seriously got lost in the Lucky Forest. I just wish that he might some day be kind enough to show me the way in! I already have so much to thank him for anyway. If it weren’t for him coming to Denver at just the right time, I would never be where I am at in my writing career as it is. I would still be siting here at work, wondering why I cannot get published. Now, I am just sitting here at work, wondering why I am not selling enough books. I know – First world problems. At least I can follow along with Hugh’s great success and HOPE that I can have my book just happen across the right persons eyes to get that one ‘bump’ that might push it through the roof. Hugh Dared Me To Hope. I SO hope!

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