Work In Progress: Jacked

The life of a writer is full of distractions. If it’s not the day job, it’s the home life. It seems that any time I have a chunk of time blocked out for writing, something inevitably comes up and eats away at my writing production. Most recently, I’ve been trying to juggle a little too much. In addition to my day job in architecture, I’ve been focussing on my blog here, redefining my reader’s group, as well as ramping up my social media presence. All that is in addition to living a personal life with a wife and daughter. Where exactly is the time to write? Hmm. It obviously has gotten lost.

That was until last week! Because I’m on a bit of a deadline with my current work in progress, I ignored the three blog posts I had scheduled for last week and focused on my story. And I’m so glad I did! I was able to get a lot of the story worked out and even came up with a snazzy cover. Yeah, this short is being submitted for an anthology (sending it in next Sunday), but I still made the cover. It served as a magnet for my creative juices. I was able to stay focused on the writing much easier with this image pinned to my wall. The title is Jacked, and here’s an early blurb:

paul b kohler, paul kohler, jacked, short story, near future, amnesia, mind control, brain implant, sci-fi, science fiction, bestselling author, best selling, faraday cage, herion, rape, drug addict, black ops, special forces, top secret, covert operative, under coverShe can’t remember her today, but her yesterday will never be forgotten.

When recovering addict Ava Blake awakens with more than just a mild case of amnesia, she’s unsure if the procedure performed on her was against her will, or—even worse—her own idea.

They say that with time, her memories will return. But, will they be her own or will they be something completely unexpected?

If all goes well, this will be selected for inclusion in the anthology that is due to publish in mid-April. If it’s not, I’ll wrap up the editing and self-publish it shortly after hearing the bad news. But for now, enjoy the cover mock-up!

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