Free Fiction Monday: Afterlife

Short Story; corpse; death; afterlife, paul b kohler, paul kohler,If you’ve read The Borrowed Souls, here’s a nice little “prequel” that I wrote a few years back as a character study for the novel.

If you’ve not read it yet, (Come again? What are you waiting for?) then this short piece will not spoil anything in the novel. It was simply a tool for me to expand my knowledge of Wilson and Hauser, and how their unique dynamic could propel the story. It is a short scene early in Wilson’s career as a Soul Collector. Here’s a quick synopsis:

He’s overwhelmed, but he brought the situation upon himself.

Wilson Oliver copes with his new reality of dealing with the dead, in every disturbing way he’d never imagined. He knows that failure is not an option, or at least that’s how Hauser would put it. Will he find the strength to fulfill the tall order that is placed upon him?

This short story is offered free on this website for one week only. It’s also available in ebook and print, along with six other short stories here.


Oh no! It looks like you missed this one. If you would still like to read it, click on the link above to read it on Amazon. Then, check back HERE on Monday for the next Free Fiction Monday installment to enjoy!

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