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So, I was surfing the internet (is ‘surfing the net’ still a term being used?) today, when I come along a website for writing prompts.  It’s called The One Minute Writer, and each day there are new writing prompts posted, and there is a handy little timer on the site to track you writing time.  I gave today’s prompt a go, and I will certainly go back and add more time to the prompt, as one minute is just getting me warmed up!

What are some sounds that “take you back” to a good place?

It really is the sound of silence that takes me back to when we first landed on the space platform. Has it really been 18 years since leaving earth? I guess what they say “Time flies when you are in the vacuum of space”. Speaking of being deadly quite up here, I am told from one of my pod mates that we can return to earth on the next lunar cycle.

Actually, before I started writing, I tried to think back to other sounds that brought back real memories, and suffice it to say, nothing come to mind.  And as my mind has been knee deep in creativity, I thought why not have some fun with it.  I was surprised on how easily the false memories came to me while I wrote.  The whole exercise might even prove to be a good start to my serial fiction project, no?

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  1. “false memories” — isn’t that what nearly all good fiction is? It sure feels like memories when the thoughts are forming in my mind and yours too, if I understand your term right. To be able to do it is joy! And your “false memory” rings quite true.


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