Osso Buco, my friend

About a month ago, I stumbled across a video on Yahoo, where some chef with a pretty bad Italian accent was making Osso Buco.  He was quite entertaining, so I watched the 10 minute video.  I am so glad I did.  The meal looked wonderful.  I mean I could taste the flavors through my computer monitor, it looked so good.  I mentioned this to my wife, and she was like “sure thing dear.  We can make that some time”.

A few weeks later, I mentioned it to her, and she sounded like she didn’t want to give it a try, so we did not.   Then, a few days later, I thought that if she also watched Chef Fabio Viviani make the meal, she might be persuaded.  Sure enough, as soon as she watched it, she was also craving the meal.

So, here we are to today.  I stopped by my local super market to pick up 3 veal shanks, and to my surprise, they need to be special ordered.  He did have beef shanks, so I asked for 3 of the smallest sized cuts, and away I went.  Before leaving though, I did ask the cost of the veal, and about fell over.  I was quoted $10.99 per pound, where the beef shank was $2.99 per pound.  I will certainly give the veal a go if this meal I am cooking right now comes out good.

Well, as of right now, I have about another hour of oven time before the quasi Osso Buco comes out.  The preparation of the meal was  pretty straight forward, and I used my best judgement on ingredient portions.  I will record everything down for posterity if it comes out good.  If the smell in the house is any indication, I will certainly be writing this one down in pen!  I will post back how it comes out once I the meal has been tested and judged by the whole family.  If i remember, I will also click a few pics of my own dish, as the photo here is one I found online.

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