Handcrafted Butcherblock / Cutting Board

A few weeks ago, I get an email request for a larger cutting board for a Christmas gift.  Having not really produced anything from the shop in almost a year, I was hesitant to take the job.  In the end, I did it, and I am happy I did.  They were elated with the end result, as was I.  I say ‘as was I’ because while I built the one custom order, I made one for myself.  To tell the truth, I had been wanting … Read more

Support the makers!

Click and share if you wish!  Please do spread the word.   And on that note, I have to say I spent a sick amount of money this year doing online shopping for the holidays.  After I wrapped up the spending spree, I realized I am missing the boat here.  I had been selling my handmade items on Etsy, but have not had a single thing listed there for close to a year.  I have some 75 handmade pens sitting in boxes, and they certainly … Read more