Free Fiction Monday: Linear Shift, Part 1

Linear Shift, Part 1 was my first published book. After meeting Hugh Howey in 2013, I was inspired to write a serialized novel. This is the first part of the four-part novel. This story stands alone but is the introduction to the complete novel. Here’s the book description: A distraught widower on his last leg. An unexpected mission back in time. When Peter Cooper has a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general, he’s suddenly catapulted to the year 1942—World War II is in full swing. Peter … Read more

Linear Shift Book Covers

Jason Gurley is great!  Not only did he come up with a killer book cover for my debut book, but he did it quickly.  Here are the final covers. This first one is for the print book.  The one below will be used for the ebook. Now, for the rest of the series, Jason and I decided to keep the remaining 3 parts relatively simple in design.  All we did was adjusted the color scheme a bit, and renamed the part on the cover.  When … Read more