Free Fiction Monday: Gateway

Gateway was originally written to be part of a multi-author anthology, with each contributing tale worthy of being read as a stand-alone short story. If you enjoy this one, be sure to check out all ten on Amazon.

What’s worse?

Losing your memories …

… or having lost your mind entirely?

Robert Paulson and Paul Robertson have a similar fate … neither of them knows anything about who they are, or were for that matter.

Just as one believes he’s figured out his alien surroundings, the other cries foul.

When desperate attempts are made to reveal their true identities, reality plays havoc.

As more of their past and present lives are revealed, it becomes alarmingly clear that they each think they’re in the wrong persons body … and quite possibly, on the wrong planet entirely.

In the end, can they both be right or can only one exist?

This story is offered free on this website for one week only. The complete novella is available in ebook here.

Oh no! It looks like you missed this one. If you would still like to read it, click on the link above to read it on Amazon. Then, check back HERE on Monday for the next Free Fiction Monday installment to enjoy!

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