Free Fiction Monday: The Evil in Devil’s Creek

ႎ I was inspired to write this story after a dozen or so trips to visit my daughter in college. Several of the included oddities along the way are included in the story. The scary stuff was added because of my wandering mind. Owen knew from the start. He should have swerved. A road trip to visit Sheri’s son turns deadly when Owen hits something in the road. What they hit, neither could be sure. As they look for help, their fear climbs when they … Read more

Free Fiction Monday: My Sisters Keeper

ႎ Legal Disclaimer: Stephen Hawking was not harmed in the writing of this short story. OK, the disclaimer isn’t really necessary, but after you read My Sister’s Keeper, you’ll understand. Besides, it’s all just made up worlds inside my strange mind. My Sister’s Keeper is my first foray into the world of twins, and it’s a good one. Not sure if there’s more to come for these characters, but there are certainly more ideas in my mind for other works. So much more. When Stuart … Read more

Free Fiction Monday: Gateway

gateway, alteruvium expance, sci-fi, short story

Robert Paulson and Paul Robertson have real a problem. Each of them have suffered physical or mental injuries, causing moderate cases of amnesia. Hypnosis and other experimental devices are employed—with varying levels of effectiveness—in restoring their memories. As their past and present lives are revealed, it becomes alarmingly clear that they each think they’re in the wrong person’s body. In the end, only one can exist. Gateway was originally written to be part of a multi-author anthology, with each contributing tale worthy of being read … Read more

Free Fiction Monday: Perplexia

Free Fiction Monday: Perplexia

Who is Evan Mitchell? Is he a doctor, or a mechanic? An author or a cruise director? A terrorist or a thief? Your guess is as good as his.  His mind bending adventure begins when he materializes in a most unusual place with no idea how he got there. His identity is a mystery, and besides the need to discover his very existence, there’s nothing that he wants more than to break free from his unforced confinement. His only obstacle: fear of the unknown … and his lack of clothing. Perplexia is a … Read more