I painted the final X on the last door in town. The finality of the ordeal was real. Death was knocking and there was only myself on one other soul to answer. I tossed the can of high-vis orange to the curb, knowing well that nobody would care for the littering. Would anyone make it back? Only the scientists knew, and if we’d have listened to them earlier on, the approaching #solar flare could have been— What? Could it have been prevented? Probably not, but … Read more


The #infinity loop around my neck is not what you’d think. I wear it not because I am immortal. No, I wear it in honor of my late grandfather who was. His only problem was that he didn’t know that immortality had limitations. One can live forever, if blessed with the proper gene sequence. Unfortunately, an immortal such as granddad was susceptible to outside influence. Murder by any other name. I wear the familiar loop now in hopes that the still-at-large killer doesn’t get any … Read more


“I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that,” the shaded man spat. “This club is exclusive. It’s not like it comes with an automatic #renewal.” “What if I told you that I never wanted to be part of your little club in the first place?” her words echoed throughout the lurid alleyway. “Not my issue, lady. You made a choice when you decided to join. There’s only one way out, and …” His words tapered off as the she stepped closer to him, his train … Read more

Free Fiction Thursday: Words That Were Left Behind

ႎ Words That Were Left Behind is a short story that has stuck around in my mind for a while. It certainly has legs that can grow into a full novel, but for now, it’ll remain a short piece. Here’s a quick synopsis: Mick and Yvonne’s difficulty communicating with each other spell for troubled waters on their relationship front. Frustration leads to anger—anger leads to abandonment in this mild science fiction tragedy. This short story is offered free on this website for one week only. … Read more

Free Fiction Thursday: Alone

ႎ Alone is a short story I wrote nearly 15 years ago. Although this story isn’t packed full of action, I feel that many people can relate to in some way. It was first submitted to be included in Something to Take on the Trip – A Charity Anthology (no longer in print). It was accepted and published in March of 2014. Here’s a quick synopsis: A sleepless night forces Rob McArthur to question what is causing him to lose sleep, life, and whether he’s … Read more

Flash Fiction for The One Minute Writer

This is my first ‘flash fiction’ ever!  It is for Friday’s writing prompt: Imagine there was another “gold rush” in America. What would it be like? Place yourself as an outsider watching from afar, on The One Minute Writer.   The man across the table was a codger with greying hair and side burns to match. His stern look said everything that it should about the time and life of his ancestors. He sat resolutely, as if waiting for purpose of life to be revealed presently. … Read more