I know what you have done. Why should I care? Because all choices have consequences. Not if I take you out. Try if you think you can. Wow, you are sure full of yourself. What makes you think you can survive my wrath? Because I am the #devil and I am here for your soul. #vss365 https://amzn.to/43Vqd7D


The bullets fell like a #rain of killer bees. I knew I should’ve run, but it’d only make matters worse. I did the crime & unless I stopped, the carnage would continue. I dropped my gun & raised my hands. ‘I surrender.’ But it was too late as a final bullet found my skull. #vss365


I’m so pissed at you! It meant nothing. I know I said it wouldn’t happen again, but— You’re a #liar! Please, hun. Don’t be upset. I prom— Watch what you say, dear. No more lies. I promise to not kill again, not without you. That’s more like it! Now, give me details. #vss365


Her beauty intoxicating, yet not overpowering.   With her gaze, her eyes would defy all disbelief.   Her confidence had no bounds, & she wore it like a badge of honor.   She was my own personal #siren and I was powerless in her presence.   Her execution is my biggest regret.   #vss365