“I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that,” the shaded man spat. “This club is exclusive. It’s not like it comes with an automatic #renewal.”

“What if I told you that I never wanted to be part of your little club in the first place?” her words echoed throughout the lurid alleyway.

“Not my issue, lady. You made a choice when you decided to join. There’s only one way out, and …”

His words tapered off as the she stepped closer to him, his train of thought completely derailed.

As she leaned in, she hid from his view her full intentions. She whispered into his ear, her velvety lips brushing against his earlobe. “If you won’t let me out, maybe I should become its new leader.”

Before he could protest, she drove her knife deep into his chest, clear to its hilt. A look of surprise stretched across his face.

When the expression began to change to anger, she gave the knife a final twist to complete her advancement to president of the killing club.


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