Varying cost of editors and such

Small update on my novel progress. Not much to update. I actually haven’t written a word for some time. I have added/adjusted all the scenes in part 1, and I am happy to say it will flow much better now. I was really having trouble getting my mind around things in the early part of the story. All worked out now!

As I get even remotely closer to wrapping up the initial writing for part 1, I have started looking at editors. Having no other person to get a recommendation for an editor, I looked to craigslist. To my surprise, there were a number of editors with ads looking to help out writers like myself. I emailed a few of them, and then decided to run an ad of my own. I worded it truthfully, and asked for experience and rates for their services. To my surprise, I received 17 replies in 24 hours. In that group of responses, the rates ranged from $60 bucks total to just over $3000! Talk about a spread, eh? There were a few that do not quote until they see the work. Those get the axe right away. If they do not know what they charge for line editing, I am not going to help them find out. I feel a good editor should know what they are worth, regardless of writing. A few asked some strange questions, even after stating that they have done all types of editing and epub work. One asked about my initial word count of 11,000 words. She said it was too long for magazine submission and too short for a stand alone novel. I am not replying to her either. If she doesn’t know about Amazon and Kindle singles, I am not going to point it out to her.

My initial feeling for the word length of my part 1, was around $125 to line edit. A number of the folks that replied were right in that ball park. Actually, the majority were plus or minus $50 bucks of that number. So, I am at ease knowing what it will cost for it. I am a little uneasy dealing with folks just over the internet though. I suppose a little faith is needed here. I wish I knew other authors that have been down this road before that could give a pointer or 2.

Anyway, my goal is to wrap up the part 1 first draft this weekend. I should be able to hit the end by end of Saturday. Maybe tinker a bit with it on Sunday, then print it out to do a read through with a few people before self editing it. I think I can have it ready to go to an editor by the end of the month. It all hinges on me getting through with it this weekend. Wish me luck!

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