A Novel Breakthrough

I really did want to keep writing yesterday, but there is not enough time in the days. I really cannot believe that I wasted 18 months of being unemployed without really pushing the writing thing. What the hell was I thinking? I would SO love to have those 18 months right now, and I would seriously make a push for getting my books (YES PLURAL) published. I want to write on each and every one of the tales I have to tell, but I know I should just focus on one at a time.

Anyway, I made a great breakthrough on my current work in progress this weekend. I sort of been having a bit of a block that I’ve been dealing with. Not so much of a creative block as much as a block from actually completing part 1. Until this weekend, I have been have self doubt on whether part 1 would be strong enough to stand alone as a serial publication. It lacked any action to speak of. Sure, it has a lot of conflict and resolution, but not what I would call compelling enough to make you want to come back for more. That was until I had my breakthrough!

I had been noodling on how to “fix” part 1 for a good part of last week, and through the weekend. Then on Sunday, as I was creating a timeline for the story arc, it hit me. I needed something in Part 1 that would kind of tie everything together in the end, and I found it. It was actually pretty geneous if I do say so myself. Now, I just need to get my butt to writing. I have the entire part 1 blocked out to 6 scenes and 1 flashback. I have been going back and forth on the flashback so early in the book, but I think it adds to the story arc later in, say, part 5?

As to my word count, I have a goal for part 1 of 11,000 words, and part 2 of 23,000 words. That was my April goal. I might actually change that up a bit, and drop part 2 for now, and finish part one and move right into editing. The sooner I can get it published, the sooner I can grab an audience. The sooner I have an audience, the sooner I can complete all 5 parts to demanding readers.

On the whole publication note, I looked into buying my ISBN’s, and although money would dictate buying just the one for $125, I think I am going to buy the 10 pack for $250. I honestly would love to buy the 100 pack, if I truly will make a run at continuing the writing thing, but at $525, it’s a bit out of my price range. I’ll probably spring for them after I complete my first draft and lock down an editor. Any editor referrals out there?

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