Pre-Order: Get Jacked Today

After a FAR FAR longer break than I’d ever expected, my next publication is up for Pre-Order! I am beyond excited. The title is Jacked, and here’s a short blurb: She can’t remember her today, but her yesterday will never be forgotten. When recovering addict Ava Blake awakens with more than just a mild case of amnesia, she’s unsure if the procedure performed on her was against her will, or—even worse—her own idea. They say that with time, her memories will return. But, will they be … Read more

Discover Sci-Fi Top 10 List

When it comes to top 10 lists, I normally take them with a grain of salt. Especially when it’s regarding subjective matter. And fiction is certainly that. It’s very subjective. So much so that although I love receiving book reviews for my own novels, I personally do not review other authors’ books. Because it’s too subjective. What I like or dislike might not align with the overall impression of the piece. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. If I’m totally blown away by a … Read more

Audiobooks To Get Excited About

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A lot has happened in the past 2 years, and I’m doing the best to make up for lost time. One part of my writing career that has lagged behind is the production of audiobooks. Actually, I started early on with my short story Borrowed Souls. It went live on Audible about 4 years ago. Since then, I’ve hired and subsequently fired a handful of producers that dropped the ball on making Linear Shift into audio. So, I kind of gave up. That was until … Read more