Silo Story out – The Soul Collector in

I seem to be on the fence with whether or not to finish the Silo story. I started it many months ago, and used it as an infill project to work on between my own stories. About a week ago, I thought I was passing the point of no return with it, as I hit the 30% mark in my projected word count. Everything seemed to be going along just fine. Then, I read a number of threads on KB, and suddenly realized that the story might not be right for me at this point in my writing carrier. Sure, I feel good about where the silo story was heading, but I wasn’t excited about writing it. I felt that if I wasn;t excited to write it, the reader might very well by equally unexcited to read it. Plus, I am not sure I want to make my writing carrier dependant on fan fiction. I am sure I’ll get back to it as some point, but for now, it has been shelved!

So, what now? Well, I am writing a little novella that I have been tossing about inside my head for a few years. Not sure it will amount to much, but I am nearly 5,000 words into an 11,000 targeted story. Plus, I am feeling quite excited about it. It’s a bit of a dark story, dealing with depressing issues and suicide. Not sure if the ending will meet up with my projected outcome, but we’ll see. If all goes well, I will have the first draft complete over the weekend, with a rewrite and spit polish through the following week. I plan on tossing it to my editor by the end of next week, and start working on a cover and blurb. I might play with the title as well, but for now, it’s called The Soul Collector. I might change that because there are a number of other books out with the same name. I know mine is different and all, but we’ll see how the ending comes along before I lock it into place. One thing that won’t change is the Mc’s name. His name is Wade Duffy. He’s a married, 35ish, city living fellow. He has no kids and a wife that is the love of his life. She is his entire world. Unfortunately, when you place your entire world with just one person, that world can become absolutely nothing in a single moment.

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