Mid-Year Update

I’ve become a bit lazy with my writing. I started the year with a large goal of writing 300,000 words this year. To hit that goal, I need to average about 820 words per day. I far surpassed that in January, and again in February and March. That’s where I peaked before dropping drastically. Last month, I averaged 784 words per day, and this month I am even less, averaging just 605 words per day, through yesterday.

I think a reason (not the only reason) for my writing habits dropping lately is because of reading some of the book reviews I’ve gotten lately. First off, I’m not getting too many reviews in the first place, but when I get them from folks that do not understand what “Serial Fiction” is, I get a little depressed. Makes me question whether to continue with this dream or not.

I’ve made the decision before publishing my first book to NOT reply to any specific review – good or bad. I will continue to hold true to that decision, as there are certainly internet trolls out there just looking for a confrontation with someone. I am not going to be that guy. Granted, everyone has their right to their own opinion. And isn’t that really what a review really is?

Honestly, I am completely OK with all reviews – good or bad. It just stings a little reading the bad ones. I cheer myself up by clicking over to folks like Stephen King or James Patterson and reading some of their one star reviews. It shows me that it happens to the best as well.

So, here I sit – almost halfway through 2014, and I although I am ahead of my year goal of 300,000 words, I am struggling. I am sitting at 195,000 words through yesterday. No, not all of those words are “story” words. They are words that I take the time to write, and that is where my goal is. I am putting the time in. Because I am very new to this whole world of writing and publishing thing, am setting a good work habit now as I sharpen my skill set of being a word jockey. Next year, I’ll again set a high word count goal, but I’ll increase the “story” word count. This year, I’d bet that my published count vs. non-story words will be a bit lopsided in favor of non-story words. If I could flip that stat next year, I would be happy.

Now, with my vacation over, I must focus on a number of projects. First off, I need to finish up a short story for my June newsletter. Today is the 23rd, and I still have a few days to wrap it up. I got inspired on vacation and started a brand new story. I’m about a third through it, and hope to have it wrapped up in a few days. After that, I am back on to Linear Shift. My goal is to wrap up the entire story in a few months, which I think I am on track for. Mid July, I’ll be publishing my first 6 months of short stories in a half year anthology.

So, that’s me in a nut shell. I’ll try to update more often. Promise.

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