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Kohler_LINEARSHIFT_EbookEdition_Part2I’ve been writing just about every day on Linear Shift, Part 2, and I am through 9 of the 17 planned scenes for the book.  I have had a running word count target of 23,000 words, but updated it to 26,000 words a scene or two into the process.  Well, I am here to update it again!  After writing through the half way point of scene, I am now estimating the target count to come in around 32,000 words.  And honestly, I think I will pass that up as well.  it’s all good though, right? More story for you!

Based on the revised count, I am at 56% complete through last night. I hope to knock out another scene tonight, and one tomorrow night.  Then it’s 2 scenes per day through the weekend.  I’ve got next week ear-marked for the first round of rewrites, and then off to the editor on Thursday.  Then it sits for 4 weeks while she massages it into legible goodness!  Probably a week or two more rewrites after she is done, and then PUBLISH, Baby!

On the matter of editing, I have decided to do another Kickstarter campaign to cover editing.  As my book sales from Part 1 are so small (shed’s a tear), I would like to see if I could get a small chunk of the editing fees covered.  I already have the cover paid for, as well as the ISBN’s, so I’m thinking around $200 to $250 should do it.  I’ve got a few weeks to decide whether or not to do it, but I’ll certainly post something here when I decide.

Also, I have a bunch of Bookmarks left over from Linear Shift, Part 1’s promotion.  If there is anyone that wants one, shoot me a self addressed stamped envelope, and I’ll send you a few.  I’ll even sign them if you would like.  You can send it to:

Paul B. Kohler
P.O.Box 621866
Littleton, CO 80162

 I also have about a dozen print books left that I am thinking about signing them and offering them here.  Any interest?  Just shoot me a message or leave a comment here.

I think that is about it on the Book front.

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