Linear Shift, Part 1

After much deliberation from my home camp, I have finally settled on an actual title for my upcoming book!

I think it says so many things about the books story line. It’s catchy – It’s sharp – It’s edgy. I like it! And even though I have hired a cover designer to do my actual book cover, I wanted to mess around a bit with my initial thoughts. Understand that I have spent a total of 30 minutes putting this together. I had the image already on my hard drive, and I found some free fonts on the internet. As I am not rolling this out as my actual cover, I’m not needing to buy any commercial rights for any of it! Just messin’ around!


As for my progress on everything, I have the first 5 pages off to an editor. She is going to get back to me with thoughts on what I have written so far. Hopefully, she will be getting back to me in the next day or so, so that I can take her comments to heart, and get through the remaining 40 or so pages of part 1.

As I mentioned earlier, I have hired a cover designer. His work is awesome! Don’t believe me? Click over to his site and see for yourself. Not only is he a talented cover designer, he is also a talented writer. I think he has 3 or 4 books out, and is working on a number of others due out later. As for him working on my cover, I expect something from him in the next 3 weeks sometime. As soon as we get an approved cover, I will certainly post it here, beside my own cover attempt. I am certain his will reign supreme!

All in all, I am staying relatively close to my target goal of September 21st. I will not be terribly torn up if it doesn’t happen until October 1st, but I will still shoot for my birthday!

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