Scanning the paper, I landed on the #comics but I couldn’t turn the page. I knew I had to, but I lingered. After reading Dilbert, I skipped the crossword & found my real target. The Obituaries. At the top was what I feared. An obit with a name none other than my own. #vss365


“Sorry, ma’am, but those are #house rules.” “But what about my condition, and please call me Karen.” “Karen, your condition doesn’t overrule everyone else. Please put your clothes back on or leave the club.” Karen gathered her discarded attire and stormed out the door. #vss365


“That’s it I am moving to the forest and spend my time teaching animals to dance!” “Don’t be so dramatic. There’re people in the world that’d kill for #curly hair, and here you are, crying about a bit of kink going on.” “Yeah, I suppose. Maybe You should move instead!” #VSS365