I’m so pissed at you! It meant nothing. I know I said it wouldn’t happen again, but— You’re a #liar! Please, hun. Don’t be upset. I prom— Watch what you say, dear. No more lies. I promise to not kill again, not without you. That’s more like it! Now, give me details. #vss365


Her beauty intoxicating, yet not overpowering.   With her gaze, her eyes would defy all disbelief.   Her confidence had no bounds, & she wore it like a badge of honor.   She was my own personal #siren and I was powerless in her presence.   Her execution is my biggest regret.   #vss365


Scanning the paper, I landed on the #comics but I couldn’t turn the page. I knew I had to, but I lingered. After reading Dilbert, I skipped the crossword & found my real target. The Obituaries. At the top was what I feared. An obit with a name none other than my own. #vss365