19 Days To Launch

linear-shift-signature-finalMy word count goal for part 1 was 11 to 12k words. Once I got the majority of the work done, I sent it over to a good friend of mine to do a thorough review. What I sent him was missing a few scenes that had been eluding me up to that point. Last night, I finally got one of those 2 scenes wrote. Word count on the batch I sent Kyle last week was 10,800. After editing and adjusting things over the last 8 days, I dropped the count down to 10,600 or so. The scene I wrote last night is just shy of 1,500 words. That was exactly my goal for that scene.

After finishing that scene, I printed it out and the wife and daughter will be the first eyes on it. I’ll then send it off to Kyle today. He’ll review it just like he did the 44 pages I sent him last week.

With any luck, I can get through Chapter 0 tonight and tomorrow, so that I can edit/adjust it some before I send everything over to David on Sunday. With any luck, I can get things wrapped up on everything early Saturday, and then have Sunday to relax.

What’s next:

  • Complete Chapter 1
  • Send part 1 to David.
  • Buy ISBN’s
  • Start registration for ISBN’s for Linear Shift
  • Format title page image
  • Complete dedication page
  • Complete Title Sheet
  • Address edits from David
  • Format ebook
  • Format print book
  • Complete ISBN registration
  • Upload print book and order first batch
  • Upload Kindle edition
  • Click GO!

Now, I am not sure if that is all, but it certainly is enough, no? With any luck, David will find that the story is in good shape. I would like to be waiting around at the finish line, ready and raring to go. My luck though, I will be making edits to everything the day before I click go.

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