Writing Endeavors

I have been away for a bit for a reason.  It’s called vacation!  The family and I went down to Mexico, Puerto Penasco (a.k.a. Rocky Point) to be exact.  We left DIA on Wednesday, the 13th, for Phoenix.  We over-nighted at the In-Laws house before driving the 4 hours down to their condo on Thursday.  We stayed there until Monday, when we drove back to the oven, otherwise known as Phoenix.  We flew back to DIA on Tuesday.  It was a nice little break from the hectic schedule we all keep.  Sense the sarcasm…

Yeah, I know..  How hectic can it be, being unemployed?  Well, pretty darn hectic!  Ok, not so much, but this vacation had a HUGE bright spot – I got a job offer!  I had a last minute interview on the morning we left, and I got an offer by Friday.  It was all good!  Now, I look forward to starting on July 2nd.

Other than that, I am about to start up a new writing project.  I really cannot tell too much about it, because the site isn’t officially launched yet, and I am not even sure my submissions (all 3 of them) will be accepted.  If they are, I will be a serial novel writer for pay!  I use the words “for pay” loosely, as the pay is not great.  But, once the first chapter is live on the website, the readers can “vote” for the 30 or so stories they want to see come back.  There is some kind of monetization there somewhere, and we’ll see if it all works out.  It might be something great.  It might be a complete waste of time.  I’m not worried about it really being a waste of time because it is at least getting me to write, right?  I am hopeful that at least one of my submissions gets picked up.  I will obviously link to it once (and if) it happens.

Enough about that.  I have a TON of photo’s to get caught up with.  I also have a new recipe to share with everyone.  It comes from a cooking class we attended down in Mexico.  One word – YUMM!

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