Writer At Work


I have to say, I have not been this motivated to write in quite a while. Lately, I have been eating/sleeping/dreaming about writing. So much so, that I have opened an account on Amazon to begin selling ebooks. I know, I am probably a few months away from having my project ready to go, but I happened to be in the middle of the thought process the other day, and poof – I was set up!

As to my story line for the project. It’s a bit of a secret! Ok, not really a secret. I’m just still in the midst of developing the first edition. I will tell you that it will be a serialized book, with a target of around 15,000 words for part one. After Part 1 floats out there for a bit, I will develop the next part and hopefully roll it out a few months later. With luck, the series (projected at 6 parts) will wrap up in 2 to 4 month successions. Hopefully. That’s my goal at least.

I also plan on doing the cover art myself. With my past passion of photography, I think I can come up with something quite special.

I just have to get my mind set so that I stay focused throughout the evenings. My day job will still be my day job, so that limits my “book time” to evenings and weekends.

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