Two Short Stories to be Included in a NEW Anthology

Something to read on the rideI have some news coming forth, but I don’t yet have all the specifics.  A few months ago, I submitted my first ever written short story, titled ‘Amy’, to be included in a charity anthology.  The compilation included 27 short stories from 26 different authors from around the globe.  The first book was called ‘Something To Read On The Ride’, and is available in both ebook and print.

As a followup to that first book, a new anthology is being produced.  This time around, I submitted two short stories, hoping to land one acceptance.  To my surprise, BOTH shorts were accepted!  Woo Hoo!  One of the shorts was the Gold Rush flash fiction I wrote earlier this year.  The other was originally titled ‘An End To It All’, that I wrote many moons ago.  After a healthy edit and re-write, I have re-titled it ‘Lookout Mountain’.  As I said, both have been accepted, and that is all I know right now.  Stella (co-author and editor of the anthology) is formatting everything this week, and is wanting to publish by Christmas.

So, that book, along with me publishing Linear Shift, Part 2 on December 24th, things are looking good for Paul B. Kohler, Author in 2014.

Kohler_LINEARSHIFT_EbookEdition_Part1But wait, there’s more!

When I published Linear Shift, Part 1 in September, I opted to keep it exclusive to Amazon for 90 days.  Doing so gave me a number of perks, which I am not sure if they were worth it or not.  My 90 days expires tomorrow, and I will be able to market the book elsewhere.  I plan on uploading it to Nook, Kobo and iTunes at the very least.  In addition to those new markets, I have also been invited to included LS1 in a ‘Book Bundle’, which will go live later this week.

So, yeah, ALL sorts of things in the works for me.  After I finish up with Linear Shift, Part 2 edits and publish, I am going to take a month or so break on the story and work on a new project.  I’m not ready to release the details on it just yet, but it will be something fun and new, which can only mean more good things for 2014.

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