Simply Write and Write Well.

Time flies when you are having fun! Ok, maybe not, but the time certainly has gone by since my last post here. It’s partly because work has been busy, as well as an extended vacation at the end of June. Either way, I am her to right the ship, so to speak.

Even though I have been a bit of a ghost on, I have been active. Very active actually. I just tallied up my first 6 months of writing this year, and they revealed some great stats about my progress. From January 1st through June 30th, I wrote 65,194 words! Those words were written over the span of 138 days, not continuous unfortunately. Average number of words written per sitting was 472. My longest continuous days of writing (or which I am currently enjoying) is 79 days. That surprises me, as I have not been this prolific in my writing in ages. It’s great!

The unfortunate result about all those words is that most of them are garbage. Not a lot of “story words” were in there. Most of it was decompressing my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there were some story related posts along the way, and to tell the truth, my word count was actually higher, as I did not count my writing projects through February and April. Add those to the mix, and I am most certainly over 75,000 words.

And today starts part 2 of the year 2013. What will the second half bring? Hopefully it will bring 182 days of continuous writing! Oh, and a publishable story! So, with a new month among us, I vow to do work towards a few new goals. First, I will post here at least once a week. Whether it is just to talk about the weather or update on story related items, I will post it! Second, I will not be so focused on daily word or time of writing counts. I am going to continue to write daily, but I will not force the words out to reach some predetermined goal of number of words or amount of time written. The new goal will be to simply write and write well.

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