Progressing the Updates

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Back to work today, after a long weekend. I left at noon on Friday and had Monday off with the family. Over the extended break, I was able to get some writing done on my Silo Story. I contemplated whether or not to continue with it now or later, and the now won out! I went through and edited the words I wrote last month, and was able to clean it up a lot. After getting my head back in the story, I was able to move past the point the was bottle-necking my progress before, so that’s good.

I struggled again with the decision to write in the Silo or not. The factors were as follows: Borrowed Souls is in editing now. It will be back to me on or around the 28th of the month. My editor, Amy, is then booked throughout March. I was going to hustle with Linear Shift, Part 3 for her and have her roll with that in March. Now, she is slated to edit LS3 starting April 14th. I cannot sit idle during the month and a half in between, so the Silo story came back on line. Plus, I found another editor, Brandie, who will be editing the silo series. She is a huge fan of Hugh Howey, so I think it might be the perfect match. The first part of the silo story is slated to come in around 20,000 words but it might go over that a bit. No worries though, as I planned for around 100,000 words for all three parts to the series. Brandie is slated to start the first of March, and should be done around the time I finish the edits for Borrowed Souls.

Ok, speaking of Borrowed Souls, I kept it relatively hush-hush last week, but I decided to submit it to Kindle Serials. I prepared everything over the last few weeks and got the final parts finalized and submitted on Thursday. I planned on letting it sit until the 15th of March before proceeding on publishing it on my own, just to give them enough time to review everything that was submitted. To my surprise, I already heard back from them yesterday. Unfortunately, I was told that they are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. I guess that’s better than a flat out rejection, telling me that it sucks ass, or something like that. So, with that news, I can move forward publishing it on my own right after editing is complete.

So, based on everything I just mentioned, I’ll recap:

  • Borrowed Souls will publish around March 7th
  • Silo story (I still need a title) will publish around March 15th
  • Linear Shift, Part 3 will publish around May 1st

Beyond those three, who knows. Me and a friend have been talking about collaborating on something new, but nothing has been finalized as of yet. I suppose the next Silo part or LS4 would be after that, but who knows how well Borrowed Souls will be accepted. It might move to the front of the line for the first of many potential sequels. It just depends on what the readers want most.

Finally, I am starting to work on February’s newsletter. In case you missed it, I have decided to add a bonus for signing up for my newsletter. You get a free book! You can select from on of my published ebooks or short stories at signup and your selection will be delivered with in 48 hours. Since starting the new program, I’ve had a great insurgence in subscribers. That is great! As for the free story that will be included in the newsletter this month, I have yet to decide. I gave Amy away last month, and I have another 4 or 5 that are ready to go. You’ll just have to subscribe to find out which is next!

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