Kickstarter Campaign for Linear Shift, Part 2

It looks like I am at it again. I just launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for Linear Shift, Part 2.  I was hoping not to do so, as I wanted to fund everything for Part 2 from sales of Part 1.  To date, I have sold a total of 75 copies, and at .35 cents each, I am just over $26 in royalties.  Hopefully, with Part 2 coming out, overall sales will increase.

Without further delay, here’s the campaign.  If anything, click over to see the video.  I think it came out great.  If you can’t pledge, that’s alright.  I just ask that you think about sharing the campaign with others that might be interested.

Finally, if you would lie to be notified when Linear Shift, Part 2 is published, sign up for my newsletter.  As the launch nears, I will be rolling out some cool giveaways and setting the exact date through the newsletter.

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