Free Fiction Monday: Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain was a short story – flash fiction, really – that I wrote several years ago. I was experimenting with the mental aspects of suicide. I was included in Something for the Journey – A Charity Anthology (out of print), and is currently included in An Anthology of Short Stories: Summer 2014..

Depression nearly gets the best of Ian, but his mind saves him before he firmly hits the ground.

This short story is offered free on this website for one week only. It’s also available in ebook and print, along with six other short stories here.

Oh no! It looks like you missed this one. If you would still like to read it, click on the link above to read it on Amazon. Then, check back HERE on Monday for the next Free Fiction Monday installment to enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Free Fiction Monday: Lookout Mountain”

  1. Excellently written, as always Paul! Read it in five minutes and the beauty of the story will stay with me for much longer than that! Thank you for sharing it with us. Cheers Tony


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